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Dock leveller


A dock leveller bridges the gap between the floor and the lorry bed enabling loading/unloading operations.

Once the upper plate is lifted, the lip is positioned on the loading part of the lorry and follows the up-and-down movements of the vehicle during loading operations, with a possibility of a lateral torsion tolerance of 100mm in case of unbalancing of the vehicle.


Upper plate made of strong steel profiles with different sections and distances between one another, the flat part is made of an anti skid steel sheet  6 mm thick + 2 mm ribs. Front lip of 400 mm, made of robust anti skid steel sheet 12 mm thick with reinforcements underneath, with a beveled front part  folded in order to create the best adhesion to the loading part of the truck.

It is fixed to the upper part with hinges 20 mm thick on the total width connected by means of full mass cadmium plated axes with a diameter of 28 mm.

Front Lip holder construction antishearing according to regulations with U supports in order to avoid the lip to slip and the ramp to drop during the motion of the forklift in negative position.


Hydraulic movement for lifting the upper plate by means of a hydraulic chromed piston plus an opening swinging lip operated by an additional piston.

Multi-valve Electro-hydraulic control panel positioned under the ramp (with a security block system); besides the valves which regulate the flows, there is also security valve which blocks the ramp in case of accidental moving of the truck.

Control Panel IP54 for operating various functions with STOP red button for emergencies. .

Nominal capacity: kgs 6.000 concentrated

Capacity uniformly spread: kgs 10.000

Positive excursion:  max  12,5% Negative excursion: max  12,5%

All dock levellers are manufactured according to CE rules, and fully satisfy EN 1396 norms