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TOPP plug and play

Automation for pedestrian sliding doors Max. capacity 280 Kg

TOPP K280 automation for pedestrian sliding doors, max. capacity 280 kg, intensive use, with latest generation microprocessor controller for automatic regulation of the movement in relation to the weight and size of the door panels. 

Integrated safety functions with thrust control and automatic reverse when obstacles are detected in the door's path. Encoder-based stroke, position and deceleration sensing. Programming of the base parameters through buttons on electronic board and advanced programming for user and installer through digital selector.


Operation modes can be selected with a selector with knob, digital selector or wireless remote control. CE Mark.

 Technical characteristics

Power supply voltage 230V ~ 50Hz
Voltage output for peripherals 24V - 5000mA max
Power draw 0,41 A
Absorbed power 90W
Type of use continuous use
Opening/closing speed Adjustable from 10 ÷ 800 mm/s
Opening/closing approach speed Adjustable from 1 ÷ 800 mm/s
Opening/closing acceleration Adjustable from 1 ÷ 120 mm/s
Automatic closing time Adjustable from 0 ÷ 60 sec
Mains power 230 V fuse 5 x 20 - T800 delayed
Number of door panels
Max capacity
280 Kg 140 + 140 Kg
Clear opening
800 ÷ 3200 mm 1000 ÷ 3200 mm
  • Application areas:

  • 1. Retail
    2. Food processing
    3. Chemicals
    4. Healthcare and pharmaceuticals
    5. Automobiles
    6. Warehouses
    7. Logistics centres
    8. Other industrial applications           

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